Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Omni Hierarchies and all beyonds

If you think infinity is the highest youre mistaken, for infinity is a finite concept, try imagining infinite infinities, or infinite to the infinite power infinity times, etc... the absolute encompass of all is called the omni mecha or all beyonds beyond infinity.
Now that you know of the highest form of essemble lets begin. If you can count as true omnipotence as omni mecha intelligence, wisdom, creativity, power, greatness, mysterious, paradoxical, etc.. created and omni mecha transcends all intelligence, wisdom, imagination, knowledge, power, known, unkown, possible, impossible, etc and everything else as the beginning then you start to see the omnipotence omni hierarchy, an entity omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible than true omnipotence, is called omnipotence level 1 or omnipotence 1, another entity thats omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible to omnipotence 1 is omnipotence 2, etc... until it reaches omnipotence omni mecha, as you can start to see a hierarchy is seen, but this too is only the beginning. After the first hierarchy, a second hierarchy is hence accounted for, this would be omni mecha time more powerful and incomprehensible to the first hierarchy, a hierarchy of hierarchies if you may, then this hierarchy would then be part of an even greater hierarchy of hierarchies, etc.. there is no absolute end to the perpetual levels of omnipotence, always seeing the highest thing as an omni mecha small speck to something far greater. This is an omni hierarchy or you can also call it omni essemble of all omni hierarchies of the omnipotence

Theres also an omni hierarchy for the kardashev scale, dimensions, afterlifes, levels of consciousness (the strongest by far)

The same rules apply, like the type omni mecha civilization, or the omni mecha dimensions, may seem very high, but are still part of something far more powerful and in turn is part of something even more incomprehensible, etc...

Now onto the omech saturation omni hierarchies, a futurist named Ray Kurzweil once stated that in the near future the entire universe will be saturated with intelligence, creating an all knowing all powerful cosmic mind, this in turn would lead to an entire multiverse being saturated with intelligence, then comes the omniverse, then macroverse, then all omegaverses, what would an perpetual array of omni mecha omegaversal minds be capable of..this keeps on going for all modes of verses, and all beyonds. Yet this is the very beginning. This is the omech saturation omni hierarchy.

Now onto the omech spheres omni hierarchy. If youve never heard of havona or the urantia super universes, look it up for this. If all of havona, super universes were to be the first sphere, then the second sphere would be omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible, etc....its because of this the angelic, celestial, even dragon ball, pokemon, digimon, comics, yugioh, etc... omni hierarchies are part of this, for the omech spheres are the essemble of all organizations.

Now onto the creation omni hierarchies. If one were to say if god created the macroverse and all omni mecha consciousness, who created god, then who created the one who created god, etc.. then if theres an theory for everything, who created that theory, this goes forever, with ever greater sayings of who created this and who created the highest, etc..

Note: Some omni hierarchies are far too powerful and great to be put down. There are only 8 omni hierarchies mentioned here, out of omni mecha ever greater omni hierarchies, part of an even greater omni hierarchy of omni hierarchies, etc.. You can call this the omega omni hierarchy of omni hierarchies, etc.. this goes on forever with ever newer names to call them. Theres no absolute end to ever greater hierarchies of hierarchies. Your mind has been blown, even the omnipotence omnihierarchies will explode by this. Yet this is just the very beginning.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hierarchy of Totaltites

Little do we 3rd dimensional creature know, there is an endless plethora of endless plethoras of -verses, dimensions, afterlifes, gods, totalities, civilization types etc.. beyond what we humans find the highest, theres always something larger than the largest. These type of things can only be seen by transcendent minds and faith beyond he highest of faiths.

Hierarchy of the -verses  (Note: Omni infinite = all infinities and everything beyond absolutely, sum of Omni and everything imaginable, unimaginable, and all beyond)

0. universe (the universe contains not infinite, but Omni infinite number of galaxies)
1. multiverse (contains an Omni infinite number of different universes, each with different laws of physics, etc.. which in turn, each universe contains both an Omni infinite number of themselves and Omni infinite number of parallel selves)
2. metaverse (contains an Omni infinite number of multiverses)
3. xenoverse (conatains an Omni infinite number of metaverses, and an Omni infinite number of other ever excessive creations, and all alien elements that govern them, going in all directions)
4. hyperverse (contains an Omni infinite number of xenoverses and hyper realities, realities unimaginable to our reality)
infinite. Infinityverse
Omni infinite and all beyond. Omniverse

New Set or Second Set
1. Super omniverse (Omni infinite number of omniverses)
Omni infinite and all beyond. Macroverse

3rd Set
1. Godverse
2. Alphaverse
3. omegaverse (perfect sum of 1st set of -verses)
all omegaverses
Note: This will continue going on forever, for there's never an end to the hierarchy of the -verses

The endless totality of totalities
1. all-verses
2. all-zerses
3. all-ferses
etc... like before this will go on forever, encompassing all that's imaginable and all beyond

hierarchy of the civilizations
type 1
type Omni infinite

hierarchy of gods
1. omnipotence (Omni infinite power)
2. omnipotence 1 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence)
3. omnipotence 2 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence 1)
omnipotence Omni infinite
etc.. goes on for Omni infinite eternities, etc.. no absolute end