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Basic Hierarchy Introduction

Omeph = omephtualities < permanently transcends, contains, created, more powerful, etc... omephtually inconceivable, incomprehensible, unimaginable, etc.. in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... all omeph < omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, logic, time, space, existence, non existence, possible, impossible, known, unknown, seen, unseeable, all laws, all substances, all omephtalities/ dimensions, omephtual beings, omephtual minds, the mind, consciousness, intelligence, wisdom, spirituality, technology, mic level, powerlevel, all stats, good and evil, love, spirit, all attributes, intensity (omephtual < omeph degrees, volts, g force, decibels, tons of pressure, poison, chaos, etc...) etc...

Omeph 0 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph!

Omeph 1 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 0!

Omeph 2 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 1!

Omeph 3 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 2!

Omeph 4 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 3!

Omeph 5 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 4!

Omeph 6 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 5!

Omeph 7 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 6!

Omeph 8 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 7!

Omeph 9 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 8!

Omeph 10 = omephtualities < permanently transcends, more powerful, greater, higher, more incomprehensible, inconceivable, unimaginable, etc... in concept, logic, senses, thoughts, explodes from nothing even, everything, etc... than omeph 9!


Omeph infinity


Omeph Omephtualities <

1st hierarchy formed, which is part of a greater hierarchy of hierarchies, which in turn is part of an even greater hierarchy of hierarchies of hierarchies, etc... going beyond forever, what all the hierarchies can fathom, etc.. explodes even from nothing! Too Great, and even this is all nothing, to even greater immeasurable hierarchy of hierarchies beyond, etc...! Going on without any conceptual end, etc...! And this too is omephtually < nothing, etc...!

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Omniscience /ɒmˈnɪʃəns/,[1] mainly in religion, is the capacity to know everything that there is to know. In particular, Hinduism and the Abrahamic religions (JudaismChristianity, and Islam) believe that there is a divine being who is omniscient. An omniscient point-of-view, in writing, is to know everything that can be known about a character, including past history, thoughts, feelings, etc. In Latinomnis means "all" and sciens means "knowing".

God created knowledge

Some theists[who?] argue that God created all knowledge and has ready access thereto. This statement invokes a circular time contradiction: presupposing the existence of God, before knowledge existed, there was no knowledge at all, which means that God was unable to possess knowledge prior to its creation. Alternately if knowledge was not a "creation" but merely existed in God's mind for all time there would be no contradiction. In Thomistic thought, which holds God to exist outside of time due to his ability to perceive everything at once, everything which God knows in his mind already exists. Hence, God would know of nothing that was not in existence (or else it would exist), and God would also know everything that was in existence (or else it would not exist), and God would possess this knowledge of what did exist and what did not exist at any point in the history of time.
The circular time contradiction can suppose anything concerning God, such as the creation of life, meaning before God created life, he wasn't alive. Moreover to assume any more attributes, to then say God is merciful, but before the creation of mercy, he wouldn't have been merciful, and before the creation of the concept of negation (meaning to assume something as not), no one would have any concept of what is not. These apparent contradictions, however, presuppose that such attributes are separately defined and detached from God, which is not necessarily so. It is not a given that attributes which can be assigned to or used to describe mankind, can be equally (or even similarly) ascribed to God. Take good and evil for example: goodness is biblically defined as that which is of God; it is intrinsic to his being and is revealed most prominently through his provision of Old Testament Law, the keeping of which is the very definition of goodness and the neglecting of which (on even the slightest of grounds), is the epitome of evil. A similar argument could be laid down concerning God's omniscience (i.e. knowledge). It even eludes the idea a lot more even to assume the concept of "nothing" or negation was created, therefore it is seemingly impossible to conceive such a notion where it draws down to a paradox. Assuming that the creator and creation is separate, and not the same one thing, or process. That it is a "this or that" notion, instead of a "this and that" idea.[citation needed]
To assume that knowledge in Plato's sense as described to be a belief that's true, it then means that before everything came into being, it was all to be conceived as total imagination by God until the set of truth. One verse "God created man in his own Image" states that God imagined the form of humans, taking image as a root word for imagine, mistakenly understood as man to look like God. [this verse from Genesis 1 is in the Hebrew Scriptures. The word 'Image' is translated from two Hebrew words 'demuth' - likeness or similitude and 'tselem'- an obscure word which translates as image or idol.[6] It is difficult, therefore to make a case for the author's reading of this verse to mean 'God imagined the form of humans'.
The above definitions of omniscience cover what is called propositional knowledge (knowing that), as opposed to experiential knowledge (knowing how). That some entity is omniscient in the sense of possessing all possible propositional knowledge does not imply that it also possesses all possible experiential knowledge. Opinions differ as to whether the propositionally omniscient God of the theists is able to possess all experiential knowledge as well. But it seems at least obvious that a divine infinite being conceived of as necessary infinitely knowledgeable would also know how, for example, a finite person (man) dying feels as He (God) would have access to all knowledge including the obvious experiences of the dying human. There is a third type of knowledge: practical orprocedural knowledge (knowing how to do). If omniscience is taken to be all knowledge then all knowledge of all types would be fully known and comprehended.

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The Infinity of Brahman

Brahman (Sanskrit: ब्रह्म, "the Supreme Being; the Absolute Reality; Godhead"), from the verb brh, "to grow", and connotes "immensity" — is the impersonal and immanent, infinite cause and support of the universe that has no form or attributes. The uncaused cause of the Universe; satchidānanda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute), The Eternal Changeless Reality, not conditioned by time, space and causation. Brahman is the basis, source and support of everything — the transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this universe. Its nature consists of the three incommunicable attributes of (1) sat (Absolute Being), (2) chit (Consciousness), (3) ananda (Bliss). This Supreme Being assumes a dual nature — Male and Female. The male aspect is known as Purusha which means “that-which-fills” — and the Female aspect is known as Shakti which translates as “Energy” or “Dynamic Force” or Prakriti — material nature. Also called as Paramātman (Universal Self), ParasivaUltimate RealitySupreme Being or the Absolute.


The Vedas depict Brahman as the Ultimate Reality, the Absolute or Paramātman (Universal Self). Brahman is the indescribable, inexhaustible, incorporeal, omniscient, omnipresent, original, first, eternal, both transcendent and immanent, absolute infinite existence, and the ultimate principle who is without a beginning, without an end , who is hidden in all and who is the cause, source, material and effect of all creation known, unknown and yet to happen in the entire universe.
Brahman (not to be confused with the deity Brahmā) is seen as a Cosmic Spirit. The personality behind Brahman is known as Parabrahman (The superior Brahman). Brahman may be viewed as Nirguna Brahman (without personal attributes) or Saguna Brahman (with attributes).
The Mundaka Upanishad says:
That supreme Brahman is infinite, and this conditioned Brahman is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from infinite.
Then through knowledge, realizing the infinitude of the infinite, it remains as infinite alone.
— Mundaka Upanishad


Brahman is not an object, as It is Adrisya, beyond the reach of the eyes. Hence the Upanishads declare: “Neti Neti—not this, not this….” This does not mean that Brahman is a negative concept, or a metaphysical abstraction, or a nonentity, or a void. It is not another. It is all-full, infinite, changeless, self-existent, self-delight, self-knowledge and self-bliss. It is Svarupa, essence. It is the essence of the knower. It is theDrashta (Seer), Turiya (Transcendent) and Sakshi (Silent Witness).
Brahman is said to be eternal, genderless, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, and ultimately indescribable in the human language. It can be at best described as infinite Being, infinite Consciousness and infinite Bliss. Brahman is regarded as the source and essence of the material universe. It is pure being. Brahman manifests as Hiranyagarbha, the "world soul", which also can take many forms or manifestations of the thousands of gods. It was deemed a singular substrate from which all that is arises, and debuts with this verse:
Great indeed are the devas who have sprung out of Brahman.
— Atharva Veda
Essentially, it is also beyond being and non-being alike, and thus does not quite fit with the usual connotations of the word God and even the concept of monism. For this reason, some authors use the word 'Godhead' for Brahman, to distinguish it from the usual usage of the word 'God'. To call this concept 'God' would be imprecise. The closest interpretation of the term can be found in the Taittariya Upanishad where Brahman is described in the following manner:
satyam jnanam anantam brahman
"Brahman is of the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity"
Thus, Brahman is the origin and end of all things, material or otherwise. Brahman is the root source and Divine Ground of everything that exists, and does not exist.
The Hindu scriptures declare that Brahman (the impersonal God) is beyond description, and can be understood only through direct spiritual experience. Nevertheless, for the benefit of others, the ancient Hindu sages who experienced Brahman attempted to describe their experiences, as recorded in the ancient Vedic texts known as the Upanishads.
Several mahā-vākyas, or great sayings, indicate what the principle of Brahman is:
rajnānam brahma
"Brahman is knowledge"
ayam ātmā brahma
"The Self (or the Soul) is Brahman"
aham brahmāsmi
"I am Brahman"
tat tvam asi
"You are that"
sarvam khalv idam brahma
"All this that we see in the world is Brahman"
sachchidānanda brahma
"Brahman is existence, consciousness, and happiness"
Thus, Brahman is conceived of as the very essence of existence and knowledge, which pervades the entire universe, including every living being. The goal of Hinduism is to somehow "wake up," and realize one's own connection to the divine reality that may be called Brahman or God. Because God is everywhere, God is also present within each living being.

Nirguna and Saguna Brahman

Brahman possesses infinite potential, power and intelligence, and therefore cannot be limited by a single name or form. Thus, Hindus view the Brahman as having two aspects: impersonal and personal. The impersonal aspect is called Nirguna Brahman in Hindu scriptures. Nirguna Brahman has no attributes and, as such, is not an object of prayer, but of meditation and knowledge. This aspect of Brahman is beyond conception, beyond reasoning and beyond thought. The personal aspect of Brahman is known as Saguna Brahman, that is Brahman with attributes.
Saguna Brahman and Nirguna Brahman are not two different Brahmans. Nirguna Brahman is not the contrast, antithesis or opposite of Saguna Brahman. The same Nirguna Brahman appears as Saguna Brahman for the pious worship of devotees. It is the same Truth from two different points of view. Nirguna Brahman is the higher Brahman, the Brahman from the transcendental viewpoint (Paramarthika); Saguna Brahman is the lower Brahman, the Brahman from the relative viewpoint (Vyavaharika).

Nirguna Brahman

The Absolute without qualities, is impersonal, without guna or attributes, Nirakara (formless), Nirvisesha (without special characteristics), immutable, eternal and Akarta (non-agent). It is above all needs and desires. It is always the Witnessing Subject. It can never become an object as It is beyond the reach of the senses. Brahman is non-dual, one without a second. It has no other beside It. It is destitute of difference, either external or internal. Brahman cannot be described, because description implies distinction. Brahman cannot be distinguished from any other than It. In Brahman, there is not the distinction of substance and attribute. Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-Consciousness-Bliss) constitute the very essence or Svarupa of Brahman, and not just Its attributes.

Saguna Brahman

Qualified absolute, came from the Sanskrit saguṇa (सगुण) "with qualities" and brahman (ब्रह्मन्) "the Absolute." The personal aspect of the Ultimate Reality. Saguna Brahman is the creator, sustainer and controller of the universe. As the male aspect, Saguna Brahman is called by various Sanskrit names, such as IshvaraParameshvaraparamatmaMaheshvara, and Purusha. As the female aspect, Saguna Brahman is refered by various names, such as Divine MotherDurgã and Kãlî.
Despite the abstract principle of Brahman, most Hindus worship Brahman on a day-to-day basis in one of Brahman's less abstract personal forms, such as VishnuShiva, or Shakti. Some Hindus worship these personal forms for a practical reason: it is easier to cultivate devotion to a personal being than to an abstract principle. Other Hindus, such as those following the dvaita-advaita traditions, consider the personal forms in themselves to be the highest form of truth and worship Brahman as an infinite and yet personal being.

Enlightenment and Brahman

While Brahman lies behind the sum total of the objective universe, some human minds boggle at any attempt to explain it with only the tools provided by reason. Brahman is beyond the senses, beyond the mind, beyond intelligence, beyond imagination. Indeed, the highest idea is that Brahman is beyond both existence and non-existence, transcending and including time, causation and space, and thus can never be known in the same material sense as one traditionally 'understands' a given concept or object.
Imagine a person who is blind from birth and has not seen anything. Is it possible for us to explain to him the meaning of the colour red? Is any amount of thinking or reasoning on his part ever going to make him understand the sensation of the colour red? In a similar fashion the idea of Brahman cannot be explained or understood through material reasoning or any form of human communication. Brahman is like the colour red; those who can sense it cannot explain or argue with those who have never sensed it.
Brahman is considered the all pervading consciousness which is the basis of all the animate and inanimate entities and material. (brahmano hi pratisthahamBhagavad Gita 14.27)

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The Omephic Supremephic Unified Omalphisierarchies, etc...

Consider an infinity to be an concept of never ending, as you may think. Now imagination and consciousness can only go so far as to invent and discover things beyond infinity, such as infinite infinities, infinity to the infinity power infinity times, etc.. omni infinities, etc.. omega infinities, goes on forever and beyond or in short Omechinities < (all everythings beyond infinity). But sadly this only applies to the first beginning, its hilariously nothing. The true highest, the all encompassing omni transcendent number of all .. is Omephtuality< , in fact the name is too small, the name should contain more letters than imaginable for its all encompassing and cant be surpassed, even if logic is defied, for it is everything. To give an idea an omniscient being would explode just thinking it. An omephierarchy is in its basic terms a hierarchy of hierachies of hierarchies, etc.. of ever greater transcendent more powerful forces beyond the imagined highest.

Now omeph omnipotence is considered the true omnipotence (omephtualities< times greater and more powerful than infinite omnipotence or how 3rd dimensional beings perceive god at his highest form), an omeph omnipotent being or omeph being for short, omephtuaties< contains, transcends, created, and manipulates, controls perfectly all, etc.. intelligence, power, wisdom, consciousness, mind, imagination, sentience, true time (time with no laws behind it, just real time that pervades all verses etc..), true space, true energy, matter, all laws, all powers, all forces, magic, all omephtalities, dimensions, afterlifes, etc.., existence, non existence, known, unknown, possible, impossible, logic, mystery, love, etc.. and omephtualities number of other things.

Omeph Omnipotence Omephierarchies<
0. omeph omnipotence or omeph omni 0
1. omeph omni 1 (omephtualities times more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than omeph omnipotence or omeph omni 0, as to the point where never in an omephtualities< omeph eternities can an omeph omnipotent being comprehend or conceptualize anything on an omeph omni 1 entity's power or capability etc..)
2. omeph omni 2 (omephtualities times more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than omeph omnipotence 1, etc...
etc... until omeph omni omephtualities<
this creates the first hierarchy
0. omeph omni hierarchy 0
1, omeph omni hirarchy 1 omephtualities< times more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than omeph omni hierarchy 0
etc.. all this reates the 2nd hierarchy, now your starting tsee the big picture, this will keep going on for omephtualities< hierarchies, which will in turn create a new hierarchy, then a new one then a new etc.. omephtuallty< and even thats a hierarchy within a hierarchy itself, etc..
i stress omnipotence because this is the omephierarchy for the omeph omnipotence

Now an omeph dimension, is considerd the ultimate dimension, omephtuality< transcend the omephtualities dimension, this iwher the omeph omipotent beings resides.

Omeph Dimensions Omephierarchies<
0. omeph dimension
1. omeh dimension 1 (omephtualities times more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than the omeph dimension
2. omeph dimension 2 (omephtualities< es more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than the omeph dimension 1,
eventually reaching omeph dimension omephtualities<
etc.. creating the first hierarchy, then a second, a third, a fourth etc.. like with the omeph omnipotence omephierarchies<

Now an omeph type 0 civilization is a civilization that omephtualities< transcends, more powerful, grater, etc.. than an type omephtualities< civilization

Omeph Kardashev Scale Omephierarchies<
0. omeph type 0
1. omeph type 1 civilization (omephtualities< times more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than an omeph type 0 civilization
2. omeph type 2 civilization (omephtualities< times more powerful, transcendent, and greater in every way than an omeph type 1 civilization
eventually reaching omeph type omephtulities< civilization
etc... creating the first hierarchy, then a second, a third, an infinite, an omni infinite, etc..

Theres an omephierarchy< for
1. omeph afterlifes< (heaven is nothing to omeph heaven, or omeph omniven, etc..)
2. omeph saturation< (like when artificial intelligence saturate the omniverse with intelligence, instead its omeph saturation)
3. omeph epochs< (like kurzweil epochs in the singularity is near book, but omeph epochs instead)
4. omeph zamadhi levels< (omeph levels, omephtualities< levels of omeph mind, spirituality, god modes, etc...)
5. omeph beings< (everything that makes an omeph enity, include angelic, dragon ball, digimon, etc.. omephierarchies<)
6. omeph spheres< (ex. omeph master verse, as opposed to the urantia books master universe)
7. omeph self< (the self is the most powerful thing known to humans, let alone the omeph self< just imagine the power of its omephierarchy)
8. omeph sources< (the omeph true beginning of anything and everything)
*9. omeph chain of chains (by far the most powerful omephierachy< in this list)
*10. omeph consciousness, unconscousness, all beyonds<<<<<
11. omeph supreme unified theories<
eventually reaching

Note, Some omephierarchies are so powerful and great that they cant be written down

etc.. creating the first hierachy, then a second, eventually an omephtualities hierarchy, etc.. an omephierachy of omephierachies if you will, but even this is a hierarchy in itself, eventually creating the supreme omephierarchy of omephierarchies, etc...but even this too is a hierarchy in itself. If you were to go on beyond forever discovering ever greater hierarchies and transcendent concepts, the point where even the hierarchies themselves will explode just simply thinking the size of it, or everything truly is the Supremephic Unified Omalphisierarchies, etc.. name goes on forever. But get ready to get your mind blown, this too is Omeph nothingness.

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How Big is the Universe Possibly

Life, Universe and Everything

There has been a several decades long debate about whether extra-terrestrial intelligence exists. As more data comes in about the nature of our universe, I think the odds are rapidly approaching 100% in the affirmative.
According to this recent story our universe is at least 78 billion light years radius or 156 billion light years across, minimum. The scientists are quick to point out this minimum size is based soley on a lack of instrument sensitivity, and a mild adjustment in instrument accuracy is likely to push this minimum to at least 192 billion light years across. They also point out the actual size of the universe is probably exponentially much larger.
Some people find these figures confusing since the age of our universe has been pinned down to 13.7 Billion years, or 14.7 Billion years according to this article. So they ask how could the universe expand to a size of at least 78 billion light years radius in only 13.7 billion years? The reason for this rapid early expansion is inflation. The speed of light wasn't violated, as it was the expansion of space itself that exceeded the speed of light.
So how big is our universe?


So huge in fact that I'm going to have to play around with scales so you can get a better idea.
According to the standard inflationary model of cosmology, the visible portion of our universe; the one mapped by our telescopes is an infinitesimally small speck in a much larger universe of at least a 1035 light-year across! I admit this number is really, really big, and almost impossible to imagine. So lets shrink everything down, WAY down, just so we can get a better grasp of it. Let's imagine that the entire universe that we have seen in all the world telescopes, all the galaxies, all trillion of them, extending out 13 billion light years in every direction is shrunk down to the size of a golf ball. Now you are holding the entire visible universe in the palm of your hand. So how big is the actualy 1035 lightyear universe in comparison? If we do a volume calculation, the actual universe contains 1060 of those golf balls! Wow, I guess we didn't shrink things down far enough, but this will have to do. So how big a volume would 1060 golf balls fill up? Try a sphere 850 light years across! So imagine a mass of golf balls that big, and each one of those golf balls contains all the stars and galaxies that we can see through our telescopes.
This is still almost beyond imagining, so lets take a slightly different approach. Imagine you are travelling so fast that you can go from on end of the galaxy to the other in just one second. That's a speed of 100,000 ly/sec. At this speed the entire galaxy would be in reach before you can say the word "go", and wam, you're there. At this speed, you could travel to the nearest galaxy Andromeda in 22 seconds. And you could cross from end of the visible universe to the other in 72 hours. Continuing on at this speed, it would take 115 days to travel a trillion light years, 315 years to travel a quadrillion, and 315,000 years to travel a quintillion or 1018 light years. And yet you have barely moved at all in comparison to the universe which is 1035 light years across. So, lets speed up our warp vehicals again, so that we can travel a quintllion light years every second. At such a speed we could cross the known universe 100 million times in one second. Ok, so now that we are travelling at a speed that might as well be infinite, how long would it take to cross from one side of the univese to the other?
3.7 billion years
Some physicists such as Max Tegmark believe the universe is actually infinite in size. If the galactic density of our own neighborhood is typical across this entire domain, and according to the data from the satellite COBE it is, then our bubble-universe should contain at least another 10100 galaxies. This is such a large figure, that it's difficult to explain it. So to give you an idea of how large a number this is, it's far larger the the number of atoms that compose every object in our own visible universe, which as you remember extends out 13.2 billion light years in every direction. This too is very difficult to conceptualize. So we'll have to scale down even further to a grain of sand. The number of atoms composing a gran of sand is about 1023 atoms, or 100 trillion trillion atoms for each grain of sand on a typical beach. And just think how many grains of sand are on your typical beach, let alone something the size of the Sahara. And that's just on the surface of the earth. All the sand in the world composes much less than 0.00001% of the mass of the earth. The number of atoms composing the Earth is about 1060. And the Earth in turn is one tiny planet around a small star in an ordinary galaxy, among hundreds of billions of galaxies in our very local neigborhood, which we call the visible universe. So 10100 is a very very big number of galaxies! Adding it all together and you get more galaxies in our universe than there are atoms composing every object in our visible universe.

Even if intelligent life is very, very rare, a number as large as 10100 is still likely to produce an abundance of life throughout the universe. A place where countless lifeforms evolve beyond their womb planets into highly advanced space-faring civilizations.
For arguments sake, lets imagine that primitive life happens once in the lifetime of a trillion galaxies, and out of those only one in a trillion ever evolves out of its womb planet into a space-faring civilization. In this example then we are still left with an astounding 1075 advanced societies - more alien cultures than the number of atoms composing planet Earth! Again, for some perspective on such a gargantuan number, there are more advanced civilizations partying it up around the galaxies than there are atoms in every single grain of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the world, and then some. That's more advanced alien civilizations than all the atoms composing our entire solar system!
Assuming life were this rare (and that's very unlikely, even with the Rare Earth Hypothesis), then our nearest star-hopping neighbors would probably be trillions of light-years away. If somehow the speed of light remains a barrier, then we might as well be alone, since we could never make contact with each other before the universe ended. However, I think such barriers will be smashed shortly after the singularity bottleneck. My guess is shortly after a civilization passes through their singularity, the entire universe will be in reach. Already scientists have found loopholes in this light speed barrier. According to Michael Alcubierre, we could hypersurf space-time using exotic matter, allowing the craft to exceed the speed of light by any desirable amount. Then there are traversible wormholes. For an enlightening discussion of some possible scenarios, see Michael C. Price's Some Implications of Traversible Wormholes.
Art by Jack Vance
So the problem won't be reaching any part of the universe, that will be childs play. The real challenge will be deciding which parts of the universe to go to. The divide between what is available, and what is conceivable would be enormous! According to Michael Price, the number of civilizations making contact with each other would exceed the ability of any civilization to fathom. According to Price, the implications of such 'Contact' would be staggering, the number of alien cultures would be so large, that it is unlikely anyone could ever catalog all of them, even if they did have computers the size of Jupiter. No historian could encompass the sweep of history, no biologist catalog the species. In a profound sense we'll have returned to a vast ancient world, surrounded by distant lands populated with mythical and fantastic creatures. Construction of a single universal map would be impossible.
"If she lost her personal wormhole and forgot her
trans-species designation code (a seventy digit number!)
she would never, ever find her way home again.
None of her descriptions of where she comes from
would relate to anything anyone else knows.
The culture shock of trying to absorb such a vast amount of new data would take close to eternity... an eternity of never ending expansion, novelty and adventure.

Godhood Multiverse Reality Structure Dictionary (Godhoodism)

Definitions Of Our Complex Quantum Reality & Our Ascension To Godhood
  • Grand Unified Field -  Also known as The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field.  The actual entire infinite Universe. A field, or sea, of 100% non-corporeal non-energy zero dimensional pure thought points that eventually randomly evolve dimensional space waves.  Waves that incrementally transform into pure energy strings that compose the matter of our reality.  The Pure Thought Field is the only thing that has truly existed for eternity into the past from our viewpoint.  It is the source of every Universe, and God that exists via the process of the random coalescing or evolution of pure thought information into ever complex patterns. This field cannot be considered the equivalent of an inanimate nor animate object.  It is simply both dynamic, and passive pure information bits. Probably equivalent to the 1's, and 0's of binary code.  It is the source of evolution, and everything that exists as it unintentionally, and randomly through it's sheer infinity calculates all mathematical probabilities.  A trait passed on to the Macroverse Gods it creates alongside Macroverses not Gods to begin with.  How it
  • The Unified Field - Also known as The Unified Energy Field. The energy strings that create the illusion of our physical matter reality.  Non-vibrating energy strings know as Dark Energy create higher dimensional space including our own 4-D space-time.  Vibrating energy strings start the transitional process to complete matter.  Varying vibration frequencies create different foundation level quantum particles that either manifest forces or matter in our reality.
  • Godhoodism - A religion instilling the belief that people grow from adulthood to godhood rather than stagnating in a mindless child like afterlife.
  • Godhood - The divine character or condition of being God.  A being who creates Universes, and sentient beings within their own mind.
  • God - An omnipotent non-physical higher dimensional creator and ruler of one or more of the following: Planets, Star Systems, Galaxies,  Galactic Superclusters, Galactic Filaments, Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, Macroverses, etc.
  • Angel - A pure thought being created by a high level God for companionship or as a servant to carry out his orders.
  • Archangel - The highest level of Angel who may have direct contact with God, and who may be in a state of pre-Godhood.
  • Universe - The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known Universe.  A structure of 3-D reality within a 4-D realm that originates from a Multiverse level catastrophic highly energized event such as The Big Bang.
  • Microverse - Bubble Universes created by the minds of biological beings.  In many cases they are temporary, and collapse on themselves.
  • Metaverse - Sub-Level artificially generated Universe that can exist in a dimension out of phase with our own, or within a computer.  Generally biological beings are the Gods of these although AI computers can also be responsible for their creation.
  • Multiverse - The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe.  Originates directly from a catastrophic highly energized event such as The Big Bang.  The purposes of Multiverses is to play out all probabilities involving the initial creation of Universes such as The Big Bang.
  • Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized.   All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions.  However there can be parallel Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind.  Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses.  Omniverses exist within Macroverses.  Many Omniverses are ascended Gods, and the purposes is to see all reality probabilities under said God, or lack there of including indirect creation by other Gods.
  • Hyper-Omniverse - A collection of Omniverses, or Omniverse Gods, within the mind of an Archangel of the one original eternal God.  The Macroverse God.
  • Macroverse - Any reality, sentient, or sapient being that directly evolves from the Grand Unified Pure Thought Field (see top of page)  This includes Macroverse Gods.  Since some Gods are born as one personality while others are collective consciousness there are no Hyper-Macroverses.  Everything at the highest level next to the Pure Thought Field is a Macroverse.
  • Parallel Universes - Universes that originate from a central Multiverse, and displays some property unique from the other parallel Universes it may be directly or indirectly related to.
  • Parallel Multiverses - Multiverses that originate from varying events such as our Multiverses Big Bang event.  Ultimately they all originate from one informational pure thought event setting everything into motion either directly from a God, or indirectly via a central Omniverse.  Can also come from a Grand Pure Thought Field Macroverse not created by a God.
  • Parallel Omniverses - Omniverses that originate from programmed information events purposely or randomly by varying higher dimensional beings, aka Gods, whose personalities play out unique mathematical probabilities within their own Multiverses, and Universes.  All ultimately stem from a central Macroverse that may be a God, or a direct creation of The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field.
  • Parallel Macroverses - Anything , including Universes, and sapient Gods, that randomly evolves directly from The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field through random infinite informational pure thought pattern emergence.
  • Vice-Macroverse God - The Gods that make up a collective consciousness Macroverse God.
  • Xenoverse - Parallel Dimensions within any given Parallel Universe, or higher dimensional level devoid of characteristic Universes.

The Structural Organization of The Universe and The Afterlife (Godhoodism Religion)

The Purpose Of The Higher Dimensions On A Structural & Metaphysical Level
An explanation of the structure of all reality, higher ascended beings, and the ten dimensions that make up the Universe.  In reality it should be called the Macroverse or Omniverse chart.  This is the melding of science and spirituality into one unified Universe.
The Macroverse is the one original eternal God and everything that exists within his infinite mind.  It is not only the 10 dimensional Omniverse below but everything beyond it as well.  Within the Macroverse could lie other Omniverses created by sub-Gods aka biological beings or Angels that ascended to Godhood.  Perhaps even Gods the original eternal God created. But remember even the original God is an beyond infinitely small speck of nothingness to higher things.
  • 10th Dimension - The Omniverse &The Omega Point where either the original eternal Gods 0-D pure thought points enter the Omniverse or where our sub-God resides if this isn't the ground level Universe under the direct domain of the original eternal God.  The entire 10th dimension or Omniverse is actually just a point itself and would be God itself if it's a sub-God.  This is the exit point into the Macroverse for Gods and even high level Travelers as well.
  • 9th Dimension - Information Space where the energy super string fabric of our reality vibrates.  All probability patterns of information are organized here.  Not all of the information ends up being implemented into reality in the 8th dimension and below.  The will of God exists here.  Some might call it the Holy Spirit or force.  The pure thought of God is translated into pure energy form here.  This is where Archangels ascend to communicate with God directly and may prepare to leave the Omniverse in order to be released into the Macroverse to form their own Omniverses within their infinite consciousness.
  • 8th Dimension - Multiverse Landscape or Probability Initiation Space - all probability patterns realized come from the 8th dimension.  The dimension of probability initiation and implementation.  7-D Archangels exist here so this might be considered the highest level of Heaven.  These can be Angels directly created by God who always existed here or those ascending to Angelhood from a human state. Archangels rule over multiverses and also may become sub-Gods and create their own Universes in the 7th dimension to rule over.
  • 7th Dimension - Multiverse Space.  All 6-D Multiverses exist here.  Multiverses separate from our own that might have different laws of physics and started by other conditions not related to our Big Bang.  The mid level of heaven where Angels ascend to Pre-Godhood or Archangel status and unify with all their multiverse Angel selves to finally be one whole being with near infinite knowledge.  This is called the great gathering where everyone who ever died and all the beings in the dimensions above meet.  It is the ultimate collective consciousness within the physical Universe second only to God himself.
  • 6th Dimension - The Multiverse where all probabilities are played out. Our souls or spirits exist here with all the memories from all our parallel lives in the Multiverse so it might be considered the first level of Heaven.  The majority of us ascend to Angelhood after death and end up in the 6th dimension.  In each Multiverse we ascend to Angel status so therefore we exist as Angels in parallel Multiverses just as we had near infinite parallel lives when we were alive.
  • 5th Dimension - Hyperspace or Probability space.  Where all the near infinite 4-D Universes exist playing out all possible probabilities branching off through hyperspace. Just as we move through the 4th dimension (forward in time) we also constantly move through the 5th dimension (parallel through probability space) every plank length with every thought and decision we make.  The Astral Plane also called the Dream Plane exists here as well.  It's the first level of the Universal collective consciousness of sorts we access through dream, and where our consciousness collects the memories of our parallel lives and transmits them to our souls in the dimension above,  We cross here on the way to birth and after death.  Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Fallen Angels, etc exist in the 5th dimension as 4-D beings just as we are 3-D beings existing in the 4-D Universe.  Angels are 5-D beings that exist in the dimension above.
  • 4th Dimension - Temporal space interwoven within 3-D space to give us time.  Our Universe is a 4-D shape although as 3-D beings we only experience going forward in time at a set rate of one plank length for every moment we experience.  Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Fallen Angels, etc. are 4-D and reside in the dimension above.  The 4th dimension is intertwined with our 3rd dimension and is seen in those beings who exist in the 5th dimension.
  • 3rd Dimension - The Universe we live in as 3-D beings sewn on to the 4-D space time fabric.  The smallest 3-D objects are Atoms.
  • 2nd Dimension -A foundational dimension where sub-atomic particles exist which make up all matter in our 3-D physical reality are 2-D in nature.
  • 1st Dimension - A foundational dimension where vibrating energy super strings exist that make up sub-atomic particles are 1-D and originate in the 9th dimension.
  • 0 Dimension - Pure thought points, the information foundation of all reality, exist as infinite 0-D dimensions of their own which directly originate from the 10th dimension in this Omniverse.  However they exist in the unknown dimensions above that in the great unknown infinite Macroverse expanse.