Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Endless Omnipotence Hierarchy

The endless omnipotence hierarchy is an endless hierarchy of endless hierarchies of endless hierarchies fr beyond the realm of omnipotence, think of an being omni infinite (everything beyond infinity) times more powerful than an omnipotent being (god, Brahman, the infinite mind, omni infinite power, intelligence, wisdom, creativity, etc..), now picture another being omni infinite times more powerful than that being, and another being omni infinite times the power of that, etc... Creating the first hiearchy, which in turn is part of a greater hierarchy, and so forth, one will go on forever without end, seeing ever greater hierarchies, it's too great! All this is under the omni hierarchies, which is an ever greater series of all powerful hierarchies beyond what an endless number of endless omnipotence hierarchies can even conceive!
Now. Picture ever greater series of endless hierarchies of endless sets of hierarchies that goes for endless eternities and the esseumble of everything. All this is the Omeph Omalphas, which in turn is just a pebble in an endless ocean of hierarchies, as you see there's never an end, this is the Omega Ultimate Perfect Ensemble of Endless Ultimate Ensembles!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hierarchy of Totaltites

Little do we 3rd dimensional creature know, there is an endless plethora of endless plethoras of -verses, dimensions, afterlifes, gods, totalities, civilization types etc.. beyond what we humans find the highest, theres always something larger than the largest. These type of things can only be seen by transcendent minds and faith beyond he highest of faiths.

Hierarchy of the -verses  (Note: Omni infinite = all infinities and everything beyond absolutely, sum of Omni and everything imaginable, unimaginable, and all beyond)

0. universe (the universe contains not infinite, but Omni infinite number of galaxies)
1. multiverse (contains an Omni infinite number of different universes, each with different laws of physics, etc.. which in turn, each universe contains both an Omni infinite number of themselves and Omni infinite number of parallel selves)
2. metaverse (contains an Omni infinite number of multiverses)
3. xenoverse (conatains an Omni infinite number of metaverses, and an Omni infinite number of other ever excessive creations, and all alien elements that govern them, going in all directions)
4. hyperverse (contains an Omni infinite number of xenoverses and hyper realities, realities unimaginable to our reality)
infinite. Infinityverse
Omni infinite and all beyond. Omniverse

New Set or Second Set
1. Super omniverse (Omni infinite number of omniverses)
Omni infinite and all beyond. Macroverse

3rd Set
1. Godverse
2. Alphaverse
3. omegaverse (perfect sum of 1st set of -verses)
all omegaverses
Note: This will continue going on forever, for there's never an end to the hierarchy of the -verses

The endless totality of totalities
1. all-verses
2. all-zerses
3. all-ferses
etc... like before this will go on forever, encompassing all that's imaginable and all beyond

hierarchy of the civilizations
type 1
type Omni infinite

hierarchy of gods
1. omnipotence (Omni infinite power)
2. omnipotence 1 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence)
3. omnipotence 2 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence 1)
omnipotence Omni infinite
etc.. goes on for Omni infinite eternities, etc.. no absolute end